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Being in a house of a males, I realize that things an average female thinks is disgusting is actually pretty funny to tbe opposite sex. There’s always talk about gas, someone’s body odor, someone breath and of course BODY PARTS! In my house, it doesn’t matter what context you use the word “balls,” it’s pretty much a gut buster. I know that one of my boys will burst into uncontrollable laughter. That word alone in any conversation about anything can turn everything around. It’s actually funny seeing people trying to defend themselves by saying “no, I didn’t mean it like that.” Well, we know you didn’t but that doesn’t stop them from laughing.
Just last week my second oldest son decided that he was going to take two bouncy balls to school. He felt that it was a brilliant idea to bounce while others were playing around. What ended up happening? You have children running around trying to catch the bouncy balls. Meanwhile, my son is running around yelling, “don’t touch my balls, don’t touch my balls!” Even I couldn’t contain myself. It really feels like everyday is a new episode of this crazy life filled with boys!!!


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My life as a Mother and Wife. I'm no fashionista, no professional blogger, no celebrity news reporter or no expert in any area by any means. I'm just a wife and mother who loves life, educates children, loves to clip coupons, watches too many natural hair YouTube tutorials and spend time with my family.

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