Slow down…


When you have multiple children you can get the habit of being on the go all the time. This weekend was extraordinary for our family. No, we didn’t go on vacation. We didn’t go to a  fancy dinner. We didn’t spend lots of money. We simply slowed down and enjoyed each other. We are a family with an overwhelming schedule six days a week, starting at 5am and ending most nights at around 10pm. My husband and I work together everyday but…that’s WORK! Our daily family dinner time gets interrupted often so we’ve missed that time together. We run a school together and our three oldest boys are in MY class but…that’s SCHOOL! Even though we’re in the same building, sometimes the same room and most days ride in the same vehicle, we are in a different mode…BUSINESS! However, this weekend we had a chance to SLOW DOWN!! It’s not often where our schedule doesn’t consist of sporting events all weekend. My husband is the Head Coach of two basketball teams which means weekday evenings are jammed packed! He coaches our sons but again, that’s a different mode.  Being your child’s coach and teacher is different than taking time and just being…Dad or Mom! This weekend was THAT weekend where we kicked back and had family time. We have always been a family of board games, especially all the different Monopoly games. We laughed so hard until we cried. We didn’t rush to get out of bed. We fell asleep in the living room piled up on the couch watching Hulu. We ate Ben & Jerry’s and popcorn and joked around. On Sunday, it was so beautiful out that we had to get outside and do a little two-hand touch football. Yes, I get out there too because I have to show my oldest that he got his throwing arm from his Mama! 🙂  It felt good! Raising four boys can be crazy most days but it has so many great times. The good always outweighs the bad.
I advise you, slow down and enjoy your family.  Turn the phone off. Answer your emails on Monday. Text your friends another time and dedicate REAL QUAILTY TIME with your family. Make each day count. Laugh hard. Talk to your children and let them you care. They need us and we need them.

Peace and blessings to you all.


Published by mrsapatton4

My life as a Mother and Wife. I'm no fashionista, no professional blogger, no celebrity news reporter or no expert in any area by any means. I'm just a wife and mother who loves life, educates children, loves to clip coupons, watches too many natural hair YouTube tutorials and spend time with my family.

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