This is what I have to help avoid Concession Stands!

As a mother of four boys it seems as though grocery shopping is never ending. Yes, employees at my local Costco and Aldi’s recognize who I am. I often hear, “you look so different when you’re shopping alone.” Just this pass week I stopped by Costco on a Tuesday and was asked, “What are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting to see you for a few more days.” It’s like that sometimes! When you have growing boys your stockpile is never stocked enough! So, on to the reason for this post…CONCESSION STANDS! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting local schools but not in this way. My three oldest sons play winter basketball and right now they just travel within the state. Properly packing lunches and beverages for a family of six is necessary. I’m not that mom to walk up to the concession stand and ask for 9 hot dogs or 9 nine slices of pizza and some chips. Nope. Not me. I’m not the one. You will find my children somewhere eating some fruit, a sandwich or wrap, a granola bar (homemade is really easy), or even hot food. Don’t get me wrong, this all takes planning. Most people prep for Monday through Friday but my prepping is most important on the weekend.

For the last four months we have had basketball tournaments nearly every weekend (both Saturdays and Sundays). Can you imagine buying snacks at a concession stand for the entire family for two days ALL DAY? That’s insane! Call me cheap, frugal or whatever you like. What you can’t say is this woman wastes her money.

Here are some great items I have to help me ALMOST EVERYDAY!!

  •  Simple Sample Menu:
    Short break (usually 1 hour or less between games)
    Banana (helps with cramping) or another piece of fruit.
    Push water and avoid drinks high in sugar
    Longer breaks (Usually 2 hours+ between games)
    Fruit (maybe hard to get them to eat ANOTHER banana) apple, orange, plum and kiwi are their favorites!
    Sandwich/Wrap/Nuggets/Large Chicken Salad (use crock-pot warmer for hot food)
    Skinny Popcorn
    Annie’s Fruit Strip
    StonyField Yogurt Squeezers (freeze them overnight)
    Trail mix (buy pre-made or make your own)
     Sometimes an Herbalife Hydrate Packet to put into their water.

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