Father’s day is for males, not single mothers.

But, why are single mothers celebrated on father’s day too? We don’t give shout outs to single father’s on mother’s day. We swear up and down that no one can take a mother’s place. Guess what? The same applies for father’s.

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Slow down…

When you have multiple children you can get the habit of being on the go all the time. This weekend was extraordinary for our family. No, we didn’t go on vacation. We didn’t go to a  fancy dinner. We didn’t spend lots of money. We simply slowed down and enjoyed each other. We are aContinue reading “Slow down…”


There’s a word that comes to mind when I think of Toddlers. That wordsl is “BUSY!” This is what happens when you don’t get dinner cooked fast enough. It’s hilarious. When things like this happen, I really believe its just time to slow down and laugh. My son is only 1 1/2 (20 months) yearsContinue reading “MY SON THE TODDLER!”