E.Y.D (Encourage Yourself Daily)






Bitterness robs you of the joy-filled life you were destined to have. Wake up with a “despite of” attitude and live victoriously. Despite the negative words spoken to you, you are more than conqueror. Despite the limitations you were given, you dream big. Despite your past, your present day and future will not be destroyed.
Don’t carry bitterness with you. Bitter adults raise bitter children and the cycle continues. Let go of it now. Its too heavy to carry.
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My husband has shared many stories with me of him growing up playing different sports. He had a coach that would ask the players whenever they seem hurt “are you hurt or are you injured?” If you’re hurt you can bounce back, shake it off and go back out there and play. If you are injured, you will sit out indefinitely. Have you ever watched a sporting event like basketball or football and a player gets hurt on a play? Sometimes the player may even have to be carried off into the locker room. They go back in the locker room to get checked by a professional trainer who can then determine if they are “HURT” or “INJURED.” If they are hurt they may run back to join their team. When they’re injured, they do not return. If they are injured, they seek additional medical attention immediately. 
How many of us have allowed people in our lives to cause injury? Injury to the point where we can’t shake off the hurt and pain they caused? We have all had our share of hurt and pain but don’t allow hurt to injure you indefinitely. Going back to a sports team: when a player is injured, the whole entire team suffers. Especially if the injured player is very effective. When you live an “injured life,” everyone around you suffers. You take yourself out of a happy fulfilling life into a life a depression.
I encourage you to never let your hurt feelings turn into injuries and take you away from the life you destined to live. When you’re hurt, seek God immediately so that he can heal you and send you back out on the field to be victorious. You are a winner!

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