Unacceptable Unjustified Norm


Our eyes and minds have saturated with the violence against our men who are unarmed. So much so that we’ve become desensitized and it’s now the norm. It happens so often, people wonder what are we complaining for. This isn’t the first or the last that they’ll take away our father’s, son’s or brother’s; to leave us women as single mother’s. This norm of taking our lives isn’t something we will adjust to living. Time after time we’re asked to keep forgiving…WHY? I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS UNJUSTIFIED NORM!

Non-brown folks may feel that the basis of our anger is a made up story. Our reality as brown people is simple, we feel we are being hunted. Our sons are being hunted. My reality is that my four sons have not, do not and will not have the same experiences as our neighborhood friends who happen to be little white boys. I worry about the day when my oldest son gets his driver’s license and he wants to take his little brothers for a ride. I fear if my four little black boys will make it home from that ride. Our reality is, we have trained our sons that “rolling deep,” is out of the question. No more than one person in the backseat. If you have more than three in your vehicle, you look suspicious and have now became a threat. That was the training my brother received and many other black males across this country. I refuse to accept that killing blacks, shooting blacks and arresting blacks for sport is the new norm. We are human too. As a matter of fact, this country was built on our backs and with our hands. This new unjustified norm will not be tolerated. Justice will be served. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.
The moment we speak up against violence, we are called racist. No, I’m not racist. I love all people who love people. Not all whites are bad and not blacks are bad. I believe this world can change. However, we must teach love and not hate. We must teach that just because someone looks different than you, doesn’t mean that something is wrong with them and you are a superior. We have to decide that we don’t want our children to spend their lifetime hating others but instead love others.

#Alllivesmatter #saveoursons #saveourdaughter

Spread love all around,


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